What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

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Collaborating with colleagues outside the marketing team is also a big part of the job. Marketing managers have input into research and development, and product and packaging design, for example. They also have to work closely with the financial department in developing a budget.


  • 营销经理赚取年薪中位数of $132,230 (2017).
  • Approximately 218,300 people work in this occupation (2016).
  • Most jobs are with professional, scientific, and technical services firms; manufacturers; insurance and financial companies.
  • Marketing managers usually work full-time with additional hours around deadlines.
  • Thejob outlook对于这个职业来说很棒。劳工统计局预测,就业增长的速度比2016年至2026年之间所有职业的平均水平快。

Roles and Responsibilities


  • "Maintain client databases"
  • "Develop, orchestrate and execute comprehensive global marketing plans for assigned products"
  • "Oversee the company’s marketing budget"
  • "Lead market research"
  • "Write and edit all creative copy for segmented e-mail marketing, seasonal catalogs, postcards, print ads, display signage"
  • "Develop and drive marketing programs reflective of brand strategy"

How to Become a Marketing Manager

教育要求至少包括营销学士学位。在大学时考虑实习。然后,您将需要在广告,公共关系和销售方面的工作经验,例如public relations specialist销售代表. In addition you must have strong computer skills so consider taking classes if necessary.


In addition to a college degree and professional experience in a related job, marketing managers also need specific soft skills. These are personal qualities you were either born with or developed through your life experience.

  • Communication:It is imperative that marketing managers have superior, as well, as persuasive writing and verbal communication skills. They must also be excellent listeners.
  • 创造力:The ability to constantly come up with new ideas is essential to your success in this field.
  • Decision-Making:作为市场经理,您将必须选择策略来出售公司的产品。这通常包括使用critical thinking skillsto select what you have decided is the best option from among several.
  • 分析能力:您的工作中很大一部分将涉及使用市场研究数据来制定策略。
  • Leadership:As a manager, you will need the ability to guide your team toward a common goal.

What Will Employers Expect From You?

Here are some of the qualifications employers who listed openings on Indeed.com included in their job announcements:

  • “面向结果,自我激励”
  • "Proficient in PowerPoint, Excel and Word"
  • "Cross-functional team player and manager/leader"
  • "Capable of juggling multiple projects simultaneously with the ability to prioritize and manage time effectively"
  • "Strong project management skills"
  • "Skilled in dealing with data and able to easily analyze and extract conclusions"

Is This Occupation a Good Fit for You?

A career must match one's interests, personality type, and work-related values for it to be a good fit. Do a self assessment to learn if you have the traits that make a career as a marketing manager suitable for you.

  • Interests(Holland Code): ECA (Enterprising, Conventional, Artistic)
  • Personality Type(MBTI Personality Types): ENFJ, ENTP, ENTJ
  • 与工作相关的值:工作条件、成就、独立

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Description Annual Salary (2017) 教育要求
Logistician 管理公司的供应链,该供应链将产品从供应商转移到客户 $ 74,590 Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree (preferred) in商业, Systems Engineering, or Supply Chain Management
Sales Manager Coordinates an organizations sales team $121,060 商业学士学位
Advertising Manager Creates programs to generate interest in a product or service $ 106,130 Bachelor's Degree in Advertising or Marketing
Construction Project Manager Oversees all aspects of construction projects $ 91,370 与建筑有关的领域 +建筑经验的学士学位
首席执行官(CEO) Directs all the activities of an organization $183,270 学士或商业硕士学位(MBA)

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