What Does a General Manager Do?

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General Manager Responsibilities

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总经理,有时简称为通用汽车,对大型组织内的企业或业务部门负有广泛的总体责任。在大型的全球或跨国组织中,该角色尤其常见,在这些组织中,企业沿产品线,客户群或地理位置组织。总经理通常是该部门的高管,负责strategy, structure, budgets, people, financial outcomes, andscorecard metrics



  • 监督业务部门或组织的日常运营。
  • Ensure the creation and implementation of a strategy designed to grow the business.
  • 协调的发展关键绩效目标for functions and direct reports.
  • 提供直接管理的关键功能的管理rs and executives in the business unit.
  • 确保制定战术计划以追求目标目标。
  • Ensure the overall delivery and quality of the unit's offerings to customers.
  • 参与关键或有针对性的客户活动。
  • Oversee key hiring and talent development programs.
  • 评估并决定对设备,基础设施和人才的关键投资。
  • Communicate strategy and results to the unit's employees.
  • 向公司官员报告关键结果。
  • Engage with corporate officers in broader organizational strategic planning.


In larger organizations, individuals viewed as having general management potential often work in a series of assignments, rotating through the various functions and gradually growing their expertise and responsibilities over many years.


General Manager Salary

A GM's salary can vary greatly depending on location, experience, and employer.

  • Median Annual Salary:$52,000
  • Top 10% Annual Salary:$102,000
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary$34,000

Source:PayScale, 2019


这prerequisites to becoming a general manager vary depending on the requirements of the business and may include a minimum level of education, experience, and certification.

  • EducationGiven the broad base of expertise and knowledge required for success in the role, general managers often have advanced degrees with an emphasis on a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree.
  • 经验和培训General managers typically have deep industry experience, and if they don't come up through the larger organization, they most likely have long histories of working for one or more competitors within the same industry.
  • Certification:Some universities and other educational institutions offer certificate programs in general management. Employers don't usually require candidates to have these certifications, but they could give candidates a competitive advantage.



  • 战略计划技能GMs must ensure the development and implementation of a clear strategic plan for an organization or business unit.
  • Financial planning skills:GMs are responsible for looking at the future of the business and making key investments and investment recommendations.
  • 人际交往能力总经理必须能够支持保留关键​​员工并鼓励其专业发展的健康内部文化的发展。
  • 领导能力GMs are responsible for leading entire business units or divisions of an organization.

Job Outlook

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics总体而言,在管理职业中就业的项目将增长8%到2026年,该项目比该国所有职业的总体就业增长略高。




GMs generally work during business hours, but depending on the employer and the demands of the job, they may work some long days, late nights, and weekends.


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Source:U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018