Resignation Letter Example for a New Job Opportunity

This illustration lists tips for writing a resignation letter for a new job including

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您已经得到了一份新工作,甚至可能new job with a promotion,现在是时候让您的现任雇主知道您要离开了。当您需要辞职,以专业的方式这样做很重要。您需要write and send or email a resignation letterwhen you leave for a new job opportunity.


你不需要详细说明的原因leaving, particularly if they aren’t positive ones. It’s not a good idea to burn bridges behind you. The contacts you have now may become important again in the future.


Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter or Email for a New Job

  • Speak to your boss first.If it’s at all possible, tell your boss about your plan to resign in person first. Then, you can follow up with an official business letter.
  • Write a letter when possible.如果时间允许,请在与老板交谈后发送一封正式的商务信。将印刷副本发送给您的老板和人力资源办公室,以便该信件进入您的文件中(也为自己保留副本)。
  • However, if time is of the essence, you can send an email instead. Send the resignation email to your boss, and carbon copy (cc) the email to human resources.
  • 说明日期。In your letter, state the specific date you plan to leave work and try to give at leasttwo weeks noticeif it’s possible. Two weeks is considered the standard amount of time for giving notice.
  • Keep your reasons brief.您不必详细介绍您离开的原因,尤其是如果它们是负面的。现在不是时候将您的感受释放到即将成为前任的老板或所有不满时。
  • You can simply say, “I was recently offered a new position.” You may also choose to provide a bit more information (for example, the name of the company or the position, or the reason you are taking this new job). However,keep the letter brief.
  • Stay positive.You might need to ask your employer for a recommendation in the future. Therefore, stay positive when you talk about your current company. Don’t go into detail about how this new job is so much better than your current job or say anything to make your current company, coworkers or management look bad. Express gratitude for the time you spent with the company.
  • Offer your help.If possible, offer your help during the transition period. You might volunteer to train the new employee or help in some other way. This way you’ll leave a positive impression when you exit.
  • Provide contact information.Include an email address and phone number where you can be reached once you officially leave the job. You might include this information in the body of your letter, or in the return address. If you’re sending an email, you might include this information at the bottom of your signature.
  • Follow the business letter format.如果您写信,请务必遵循适当的商业信件格式。包括带有雇主的姓名和地址的标题,日期以及您的姓名和地址。
  • Edit, edit, edit.Whether sending a letter or an email, thoroughly proofread your note before sending it. Again, you may need to ask for a recommendation from your employer at some point in the future, so you want all your writing to be polished.

Resignation Letter Sample for a New Job Opportunity


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Resignation Letter Sample for a New Job Opportunity (Text Version)

蒂娜·罗德里格斯(Tina Rodriguez)
123 Main Street
Anytown,CA 12345

May 1, 2018

Derrick Lee
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321



Currently, I spend several hours a day commuting and this new opportunity will allow me more time with my family outside of work. My last day of employment with PQR will be May 31st.

My years at PQR have been some of the best of my life. I will miss my job and the incredible people I have had the pleasure of working with throughout the years.

I cannot thank you enough for all of the opportunities and experiences you have provided me during my time with the company.



蒂娜·罗德里格斯(Tina Rodriguez)(signature hard copy letter)

蒂娜·罗德里格斯(Tina Rodriguez)

Resignation Email – New Job Opportunity


主题:Resignation – Firstname Lastname

Dear Mr. Michaels,

Please accept this as my notice of resignation from ABC Company, effective March 23, 20XX. I have been offered a new job opportunity with XYZ Company which will allow me to gain further management experience.

Thank you for all the experience I have gained working for you at ABC. I learned a lot about the business in the four years I’ve been here, and I appreciate the advice and support you have given me.

Please let me know what I can do to make this a smooth transition for the entire department.


Firstname Lastname