Resignation Letter Due to Better Salary and Benefits

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There are as many reasons to你辞职吧,但是没有什么比退出职位那样令人满意的,因为更好的机会已经出现了。在一个完美的世界中,每次我们辞职时,都要以更高的薪水,更好的福利和更多的晋升空间来完成一份工作。但是,仅仅因为您出于最佳原因而辞职并不意味着该过程很容易。这也不意味着您需要宣传为什么要继续前进。

Even though you're leaving a lower-paying job for a better one, the standard rules apply:give proper notice, write a resignation letter, and quit with grace. Remember that your goal is not to burn bridges on your way out the door. You might need aletter of recommendationfrom your employer in the future. Even if you don’t, many industries are small worlds. There’s no reason to leave on a negative note.

Even though you can, you don't need to mention the reason you're leaving in your resignation letter. You can simply state that you're moving on and formalize the date that your resignation is effective.


What to Include in the Letter

有一份辞职信的完整清单dos and don’ts, but these are the most important things to keep in mind:

Confirm the details.Give the date of your last day in the office, but don’t get bogged down in other specifics. Details about which coworkers will cover your projects can be worked out with your manager afterward.


Letter of Resignation for Better Pay Example

这是辞职信的一个例子,原因是获得了更好的薪水和福利地位。下载辞职信模板(compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

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何塞·琼斯(Jose Jones)
123 Main Street
Anytown,CA 12345


Jane Lee Director, Human Resources
123 Business Road
Business City, NY 54321


I am writing to notify you that I have accepted a position with an organization that is offering me better compensation and benefits than this company. My last day of work will be October 7, 2021.

Although I have greatly valued the opportunity to work with you, unfortunately, this is an opportunity I cannot turn down. I would be doing myself and my family a disservice to turn down an increased salary and a complete benefits package that includes paid vacation and sick time, and dental and vision insurance.




签名(hard copy letter)

何塞·琼斯(Jose Jones)


Sending an email resignation letter also offers a few advantages that an old-fashioned hard copy doesn’t. It’s easier and less stressful than handing your supervisor a paper letter in person, and it also provides you with a record of your communication. Sometimes, it pays to be able to point to an email receipt or at least a digital trail.

Sending an email resignation letter is similar to sending a physical one. The subject line is important, so choose something that’s clear and to the point, for example:

辞职 - 你的名字

Be specific.Don’t write something vague like “Thank You” that could get scooped up by the company’s email filters. You don’t want to have an awkward conversation with your boss about why they need to search their spam folder.

遗漏地址标题。They’ll know who’s writing and where you’re writing from. You can include your contact information in your signature.

Keep your communication brief and to the point.Resignation letters, in general, should be fairly succinct. Email resignation letters should be even more concise.Readers tend to skim即使是重要的电子邮件,因此使您的易于扫描。