Resignation Do's and Don'ts

How (and How Not) to Resign From a Job

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How should you辞职when it’s time to move on to a new position or to do something else with your life? There are some things you should do, and other things you shouldn't do when you turn in your resignation. There are good—and not so good—ways to resign, but it’s best to keep a cool head, keep it positive, and not burn your bridges.


留下积极而不是消极的说明将使您有更好的机会获得一个良好的就业参考if needed later.

The employee who resigns gracefully, gives两周通知, writes a politeresignation letter,并感谢雇主在公司任职期间的机会,即使他或她继续前进,也将受到赞赏。

Resignation Do's and Don'ts

You want to quit. So, take a deep breath and plan ahead. Here's what you should (and what you shouldn't) do when resigning from your job.

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What to Do Before You Resign

Do Clean Up Your Computer.即使您发出通知,您的雇主也可能会决定您现在应该完成,并且可能会向您展示门。在上交辞职之前,请清理计算机。删除个人文件和电子邮件,但请确保您有接触信息,以适应您所需的每个人,在您离开后与您保持联系。

Do Write a Resignation Letter.It's a good idea to write aformal resignation letterfor your employment file, even if youresign via emailoron the phone。You don't need to say much more than you're leaving and when your last day of work will be.

If you're not sure what to say, review theseresignation letter samples对于几乎所有辞职情况,您都可以想到,从正式,衷心,搬迁,重返学校和其他个人辞职情况。或者,查看以下示例辞职信,通过电子邮件发送,以获取灵感。


Don't Put Anything Negative in Writing.Regardless of how much you hate your job, hate your boss, or hate the company, don't say it. Even if quitting is the best career move you've made up to this point, keep it to yourself.

最好要小心你的话,所以辞职时该怎么说。Also, review辞职时不说什么。您的辞职信将放在您的就业文件中,即使您辞职后,它也可能会困扰您。老实说,这不值得发泄。

If you've got issues at work, it's more appropriate to离开之前与他们打交道or let go of them since you're moving on.


尽可能发出通知。Unless the situation is untenable, giving两周通知is standard practice when resigning. There are some reasonswhen you could quit without notice,比如如果你已经濒危或性哈rassed. But if those reasons don’t fit your current situation and you want to leave sooner, it's appropriate to ask if you can leave right away.

获取细节。When you tell your boss or Human Resources Department that you're leaving be sure to get the details on the employee benefits and salary you’re entitled to when you leave. Inquire about continuing health insurance coverage throughCOBRA(Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) or through the government's Health Insurance Marketplace, collectingunused vacation and sick pay, and keeping, cashing in, or rolling over your 401(k) or another pension plan.

Do Offer to Help.If it's feasible, offer to help during the transition and afterwards. The offer may not be accepted, but it will be appreciated.

Do Ask for a Reference.Ask your boss and colleagues if they would be willing to give you a reference. If they agree, ask them to write you aLinkedIn recommendationas well as being available via email or phone. You'll have the reference as part of yourLinkedIn profile,这非常适合您未来的求职工作。

What Not to Do When You Resign

Don't Be Negative.When talking about your resignation with co-workers, try to emphasize the positive and talk about how the company has benefited you, even though it's time to move on. There's no point in being negative—you're leaving, and you want to leave on good terms.


Don't Forget to Say Goodbye.离开之前,请花点时间发送farewell messageto co-workers and to let them know that you are moving on to a new position, starting a job search, retiring, or doing something else with your life. It's appropriate to send anemail farewell message。Include your contact information, so that you can stay in touch. Here's more on如何告别to colleagues.

Review a Sample Resignation Letter

Subject Line: Resignation - Omar Robinson

Dear Ms. Hayes,

I'm writing today to let you know that I am resigning from my position as Marketing Coordinator at ABC Company. My last day will be in two weeks, on Friday, September 15.

I'm grateful for all of your support and training during my three years at ABC Company, as well as your friendship. You've made each day brighter. I've learned so much thanks to you and everyone else on the marketing team.

请让我知道在这个过渡期间如何提供帮助。在本月底,我将在XYZ Company担任营销经理的新职位,但是如果提出问题,您总是可以联系。我的个人电子邮件是,我的电话号码是(555)555-5555。

Thank you again. It's truly been a pleasure working with you, and I wish you and everyone at ABC Company all the best.


Omar Robinson