How to Quit a Job That You Just Started


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Sometimes, a new job doesn’t turn out as you expected. It can happen, even when you do everything right—research the organization, weigh the pros and cons of the job offer, and make your decision carefully before accepting. Perhaps the employer was misleading about what the job would entail. Maybe it’s simply abad fit between you and the job or company.

If you feel like you want to quit already, you have options. You don't have to stay, but you should do your best to leave on a positive note.


If you are thinking aboutquitting a jobyou have just started, consider that there may bereasons for not quitting right away. Be absolutely sure that you want to quit before you mention it.

因为你的雇主可能considerabl度过的e time recruiting and orienting you, your supervisor will most likely not be thrilled to hear about your resignation.


Consider Options for Staying


Can You Work Something Out?

If you can imagine a way that your position could be modified to fit your preferences, then you might consider inquiring about this. Your supervisor may even suggest some possible accommodations. Some employers might even consider you for a different job vacancy at the company if you are open to that discussion.


在某些情况下,尤其是如果您在找到工作或保留工作时遇到困难,最好是一个好主意,最好是您最初的反应来离开新工作。如果这是您的第一份工作,那也可能值得figuring out how long you can stay.


Can You Find a New Job Quickly?

另一个选择是start job hunting immediately, while you're still employed. You may be able to line up a new position quickly, then turn in your resignation. Be prepared to answer面试有关为什么要离开工作的问题when you start interviewing, but don't stress too much. Hiring managers understand that sometimes jobs aren't a good fit.


If your resignation is inevitable, you should do your best to以机智的方式辞职, so as not to burn any bridges unnecessarily. Review these tips for quitting a new job as gracefully as possible.

How to quit a job you just started


辞职后,大多数雇主将不想让您待在过多的时间内,但会欣赏真诚的姿态。如果你有employment contract,可以在此处列出所需的通知金额。

做好准备leave the day you give notice, even if you have offered to work for an additional two weeks. Some employers will make the day you quit your last day of work.

How to Resign From a New Job

决定辞职后,安排与主管面对面见面,以便您亲自讨论辞职。做好准备explain why you're leaving. If possible, share reasons that center on elements of the job that don't fit your skills or interests. You should avoid any disparaging remarks about your recruiter or any other staff.

Bring a writtenletter of resignationwith you that references your expected last day of work. Your letter should be brief, polite, and professional.

Avoid making any negative comments that might come back to haunt you, especially if they are delivered in writing.




  • Example of a letter resigning from a job you just started:This样本辞职信包括有关如何客气戒烟的提示,以及有关商业信函格式的指导,并通过电子邮件发送您的消息。
  • 辞职时该怎么说:Learnhow to tell your boss that you’re quitting your job, what to include in your resignation letter, and more.

Try Not to Let It Bother You

Regardless of whether you stay or go, don't feel bad about it. Sometimes, you take a job that isn't what you expected it to be. The employer may have sold you on the idea that the company is a great place to work, and it may not be after all. It happens, and the best thing to do is to chalk it up to experience and move on.