Hospitality Careers: Options, Job Titles, and Descriptions

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What job titles can you expect to see in hospitality industry job postings? The industry is quite broad. It includes jobs working in hotels,餐馆,赌场,主题公园,邮轮和其他帮助客户满足其休闲和娱乐需求的设施。

Many jobs in the hospitality industry involve dealing with customers face-to-face in a variety of ways. But there are also behind-the-scenes jobs that include positions in sales, marketing, and accounting. Food services jobs also abound in the hospitality industry, including wait staff and food preparation jobs.


鉴于此范围,酒店业的工作可能涉及很多(或很少)的客户互动。许多工作入门级,但是热情好客other service industry occupations,,,,is an area where you can climb the ladder to a managerial role accompanied by more responsibilities, along with a higher salary.

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Common Hospitality Job Titles



一种conciergeinteracts directly with customers, providing them with various services. They may respond to requests (for instance, "Can you book me a restaurant reservation?") or anticipate what customers might need. These services could range from providing a babysitter to getting tickets to a show to suggesting a restaurant.

在某些酒店,这是一项入门级工作。但是,一些豪华酒店需要礼宾活动才能拥有多年的款待经验。礼宾需要是一个问题解决者客户服务技能who is unflappable and can handle difficult patrons. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), concierges earn a median annual salary of $35,210.

Other front-of-the-house hospitality jobs include:

  • Casino Host
  • 游轮服务员
  • Front Desk Associate
  • Front Desk Supervisor
  • 前台服务员
  • Front-of-House Manager
  • 游戏经销商
  • Guest Relations Manager
  • 客人服务助理
  • 来宾服务主管
  • 酒店书记
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Reservationist
  • 预订代理

Event Planner

许多酒店都有会议室或活动空间,他们为各种活动出租,从会议到婚礼。一个event planner与公司或个人合作,安排活动,然后确保其运行顺利。根据BLS的说法,活动计划者的年薪中位数为49,470美元。

Hospitality jobs in the field of event planning include:

  • 活动经理
  • Executive Conference Manager
  • Executive Meeting Manager
  • 会议和会议计划者
  • Meeting Coordinator
  • Meeting Manager
  • 会议计划者
  • Meeting Specialist
  • Special Events Manager
  • Wedding Coordinator

Executive Chef

一个executive chef is a managerial role that involves a lot of work behind the scenes in the hospitality industry. An executive chef oversees the food operations in restaurants, hotels, casinos, or other venues that serve food. People in this role supervise cooks, sous chefs, and other kitchen employees. They typically order all of the food, plan the meals, and prepare food in the kitchen.

While it is not necessarily required, many head chefs have some training through a culinary school, technical school, community college, or a four-year college.

大多数人都从入门级厨师(例如Line Cooks)的角色中迈向行政总厨。随着时间的流逝,他们发展了监督整个厨房所需的管理技能以及开发菜单的烹饪技能。根据Payscale的说法,行政总厨的平均年薪为63,958美元。

Other jobs related to executive chef, including jobs many people have while working their way up to executive chef, include:

  • Cafe Manager
  • 餐饮经理
  • Chef
  • Cook
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • 厨房经理
  • Pastry Chef
  • Restaurant Manager
  • 厨师

Hotel General Manager

一种hotel general manager, or hotel manager, makes sure that a hotel (or inn, lodge, or any other venue with sleeping accommodations) is running smoothly. This involves interacting with guests, managing staff, handling the finances of the property, and much more.

一些酒店经理拥有酒店管理学位或证书,而另一些酒店经理则拥有高中文凭和在酒店工作的几年经验。酒店总经理需要强大business skills,,,,管理技能,,,,andinterpersonal skills。Ziprecruiter报告说,酒店总经理的平均年薪为62,262美元。


  • 后台助理
  • Catering Sales Manager
  • 酒店销售总监
  • 营销和销售总监
  • 小组销售经理
  • Guest Room Sales Manager
  • 酒店经理
  • 住宿经理
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Shift Leader
  • 值班经理
  • Spa Manager
  • Wedding Sales Manager



作为一个管家需要一些体力because you often have to lift heavy loads and be on your feet most of the day. According to, housekeepers earn a median annual salary of $27,471.

有许多other jobs related tomaintenance并在酒店业进行清洁。在这些领域内也有管理职位的机会。


  • Director of Housekeeping
  • Director of Maintenance
  • 运营总监
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Housekeeper
  • 家政助手
  • Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Lead Housekeeper
  • Maid
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • 维修工人


搬运工的任务是处理客人的行李s. They might bring luggage up to guests’ rooms or take baggage down to the lobby. ZipRecruiter reports that porters earn an average annual salary of $25,093.


Other support staff positions similar to that of porter and valet include:

  • 行李搬运工
  • Bell Attendant
  • Bellhop
  • 贝尔曼
  • Driver
  • 停车场服务员
  • Valet
  • 代客服务员
  • Valet Parking Attendant


Waiters and waitresseswork in restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, and other food-serving establishments. They interact directly with customers taking orders, serving food and beverages, and processing payments from patrons.

While no formal education is required, waiters and waitresses must have strong interpersonal and communication skills. They also have to be detail-oriented because they need to remember customers’ orders, especially complicated drink orders. This job is ideal for people in the hospitality industry who want to engage with customers face-to-face. According to the BLS, waiters and waitresses earn a median annual salary of $26,000.

Other job titles similar to waiter and waitress in the hospitality industry include:

  • Back Waiter
  • Banquet Server
  • 带子
  • Barista
  • 酒保
  • Busser
  • Cafe Manager
  • Catering Assistant
  • 食物亚军
  • Food Server
  • Head Waiter
  • Host
  • 女主人
  • Maître d’
  • 服务器
  • Sommelier

Key Takeaways

  • While there are many different jobs in the hospitality industry, all require that employees possess outstanding communication and teamwork skills.
  • Unlike many career fields, the hospitality industry offers many chances for people to work their way up from entry-level roles to management positions.
  • 一种lthough some hospitality roles require formal training it is still possible and common for people who only have high school diplomas or GEDs to enter and advance, through on-the-job training, as long-term employees of hotels, cruise companies, or restaurants.

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