What Does a Computer and Information Systems (CIS) Manager Do?

Learn About the Salary, Required Skills, & More

A day in the life of a computer and information (CIS) manager: Oversee installation and maintenance, analyze computer needs, negotiate with vendors

平衡 /贝利水手

Computer and information systems (CIS) managers coordinate and direct computer-related activities for companies or organizations. They may go by one of several titles, each with different responsibilities. For example a首席信息官(CIO) oversees an entity's entire technology strategy. A chief technology officer (CTO) evaluates new technology to determine how it can benefit an organization. An information technology (IT) director manages an IT department. AnIT安全管理器is responsible for network anddata security


This job generally requires the ability to do the following work:

  • Analyze computer needs
  • Recommend possible upgrades
  • 监督硬件和软件的安装和维护
  • Negotiate with hardware and software vendors
  • Ensure network security
  • 保持最新技术
  • Oversee training on new equipment or software




Computer and Information Systems Manager Salary


  • 年薪中位数:$142,530 ($68.52/hour)
  • 最高10%的年薪:$208,000 ($100.00/hour)
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary:$ 85,380($ 41.05/小时)

Source:美国劳工统计局, 2018

Education, Training, & Certification

A bachelor's degree is necessary for most entry-level positions, and CIS managers will need extensive experience and perhaps a postgraduate degree.

  • Education:Most employers expect IT professionals to have at least a bachelor's degree with acomputer science或信息科学专业。许多其他人更喜欢赚取的员工研究生学位, specificallya master's degree in business administration(MBA)以技术为核心组件。
  • 经验:In addition to a degree, employers usually expect CIS managers to have several years of experience workingin information technology。Computer and information systems managers start out in lower level management positions and advance to progressively higher leadership roles.

Computer and Information Systems Manager Skills & Competencies

除了必要的技术知识和经验外,计算机和信息系统经理还需要一定soft skills或个人素质,在该领域取得成功。

  • Communication:CIS经理通常需要向其他经理提供技术信息,以帮助他们理解某些变化是必要的或为什么某些问题会带来风险的原因。他们还需要开发一种文化,其中员工可以使用所处的计算机系统与雇主有效沟通。
  • Leadership:担任此职位的人通常需要指导IT人员或其他IT部门。
  • 分析能力:The job often comes down to assessing computer systems either to identify problems and find solutions or to identify ways they can be more efficient or more secure. As well, CIS managers need to be able to analyze the goals of the business or organization and how they want to be able to use their computer systems.
  • 组织技能:企业通常使用具有不同操作系统的不同类型的计算机有多个服务器,多个网络,甚至可能具有不同的部门。监督类似的分层操作需要高水平的组织。



Work Environment

Work environments can vary greatly. Many large businesses or organizations have information technology departments or at least one IT specialist on staff. That means a qualified CIS manager can be employable anywhere in need of such technical expertise and experience.

Work Schedule


How to Get the Job


Indeed,怪物和Glassdoorall typically have listings numbering in the hundreds or even thousands.





Comparing Similar Jobs

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Source:美国劳工统计局, 2017